John Ramsey's Alignment Service

A certified bear wheel alignment shop that understands wheel alignment from classic cars to brand new automobiles. If you are looking for an auto repair shop that harkens back to a time of trust and reliability, you can rest assured you will get that kind of professional, friendly service from John and his technicians.

Neil Armstrong's Corvette at NASA

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Automotive Repair Services

No matter what kind of service you need, including straight axles, struts, ball joints or custom-made front ends, Ramsey's Alignment has done it. We can handle any repair on automobiles from the 1930's to 2018, just let us know what kind of problem you are having, and we will take care of it for you.


Why You Should Visit Ramsey's Alignment First

Some of our customers visited other alignment centers, who informed them their specs were within tolerance, and they will just have to live with it. That's one more reason why you should visit Ramsey's first, we don't talk about colors, but real numbers and we can tell you what the numbers mean.

We also perform all types of suspension and brake repairs. I remember one time when a customer brought his brakes to us in a box and told me "I just can't put it back together." I spread all the parts out on a table, and before you know it, everything was in place.


John Ramsey Has Decades of Experience

You name it, and John has done it or has aligned it. Beginning with his automotive classes at Cocoa high when they told him that he was too young, and his father had to pull a few strings to keep him in the class, John has always worked harder than his peers to learn everything about alignments and automotive repair.

John always wanted to be an auto tech. He bought his first car at 13, which was in three pieces, body, motor, and front-end. After putting the pieces together the vehicle needed to be aligned, so that was John's first front-end alignment. By the age of sixteen, he was working and getting paid the same as any other tech.


Automobiles from 1930 to 2018

These are the things that the tech is working for John know to work for a man that has done it and can do it is a lot better than For a shop owner who is just an owner & couldn't do the simple jobs. How many shops have a high-speed balancer alignment machine that can align a 1930 car up to 2018?


A Local Auto Repair Shop

With time he formed a relationship with all of the dealership service managers in the area, and he was glad to help them with their front end problems. Their relationship was a two-way street and since he opened his shop every dealership, and tire dealer in the area has come to him at one time or another.